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Empty Nest Empires

Sep 27, 2019

When you google family legacy, websites like Forbes will have a financial take on things, and we will get to that later when we talk about the Finance pillar of Empire building. For now, I want to introduce the concept of leaving a powerful family legacy in another way. All families have a set of beliefs, values and attitudes that are passed down through generations. Some are beautiful, some are harmful - but they exist, nonetheless. It is possible to redirect a harmful family legacy and reestablish a new one of hope and beauty, but it takes intentional action to do so.

If you’re an empty nester, you may think it’s too late - your kids are grown, maybe out of the house - but working on yourself to change first, will create a ripple effect through the family. It will. But you have to Be patient. That’s what empire building and legacy leaving is all about. The long game.

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