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Empty Nest Empires

Oct 4, 2019

Have you ever been to a memorial service for someone who had great faith? No one says, “we really don’t know what she stood for.” No, they say things like, “her great faith was an inspiration to all who knew her,” or “ She loved others just like Jesus would,” or “she worked tirelessly to serve others and help them in their distress..” Great faith is a heritage, a legacy, an empire, if you will.

Yes, Faith is an empire we can be intentional about building, and that empire, or legacy, will live on through generations. Nothing is clearer to me than this, especially since hearing about my 8th great grandmother, Mary - the similarities between Mary and my own mother are too close to be coincidence. There is a legacy of faith there. 

I hope this episode gets you thinking about the empire of faith you are building in your family. 


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