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Empty Nest Empires

Feb 16, 2021

Ernestine Tebon-Spreemann had her first experience with making extra money by selling mangoes at age 8 in Camaroon, West Africa. She has been hooked on the side hustle ever since. Fast forward to now, and she has transformed her failing brick and mortar consignment shop into an online shopping experience on the Poshmark app. Still working her 9 to 5 job, Ernestine believes everyone can and should have a way to make money on the side. In this interview, she will inspire you to find things in your own closet to begin a side hustle selling what you no longer need or wear. Who knows? This may develop into a great income, or even a full time reselling business! (FYI, Ernestine makes about $1,000 for every $200 she spends at a thrift store.) You might want to download the Poshmark App so you can follow along while we chat about this.

Ernestine tells us all her tips - including how to price your items, how to prepare them to sell - and how she catalogs and stores over 800 items in her very small house… and how she can find them again after they have sold!

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