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Empty Nest Empires

Dec 6, 2019

Oh boy, not much frustrates me more than when I hear someone say "I don't do that thing  because I'm OLD." And I hear it more often than I'd like. You can fill in the blank with things like "email" "get a new smart phone" "learn a new skill" "run a marathon" "write a book" etc. etc. but the message is the same: "I think I'm too old to learn to do a new thing." 

Well, I'm here to debunk that attitude. In this episode, I'll share from a list of people who became famous or tried something new or conquered a new milestone after age 40. One even said, "my 90's were the most productive years of my life." (It's my goal to be able to say that one day, by the way...) This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if it helps to make you think about trying something new, then my mission is accomplished. In addition to these more well-known people, we all know someone older who ignores their age and does interesting things anyway, and we secretly admire them. 

So let's lose that self-imposed roadblock and try new things, shall we? 

Send me a DM or comment on one of my Instagram posts with what you'll be doing, in spite of your age! ;-) I'm @tamiromani on every platform, but here's the direct link to my Instagram.

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